Gabby Lawson
Vital statistics
Portrayed by Sian Breckin
Status Deceased
Occupation Detective constable
First Seen Sniper's Nest (part 1)
Last Seen Sniper's Nest (part 2)
Relatives Unnamed husband

Two unnamed children

Marital Status Married
Detective Constable Gabby Lawson was a notable character in the Series 18 episode Sniper's Nest. She is portrayed by Sian Breckin.

Biography Edit

Background Edit

Gabby joined the police at some point in her life, achieving the rank of DC. She was married with two young children. She is implied to be reasonably well-off, as she employed a nanny and sent her children to private schools.

Sniper's Nest Edit

Gabby is assigned to the case of a sniper on a killing spree. She escorts Craig Cross and his mother Sheila to the Lyell Centre to see his father, Martin's body after he becomes a victim. She also gives Craig her card and tells him to call so she can put him in contact with someone, should he feel the need to talk to anyone. Unfortunately, Craig is revealed to be the sniper's accomplice and lures Gabby and the rest of the police station outside by starting a fire, leaving them vulnerable to Adrian Turner (the sniper). Gabby is approached by Craig, who greets her and comments that she "looks happy", which clearly confuses Gabby. Moments later, she shot in the head by Turner, which kills her instantly.