Delores Patrick
Vital statistics
Portrayed by Pauline Cadell
Status Alive
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First Seen Protection (part one)
Last Seen Protection (part two)
Relatives Sean Patrick (husband, deceased)

Niamh Garvey (daughter) Daniel Garvey (son-in-law, deceased) Kevin Garvey (grandson) Cathy Garvey (granddaughter) Mary Garvey (granddaughter) Unborn grandchild (deceased)

Marital Status Married
Delores Patrick is a notable character in Protection. She is the wife of Sean Patrick, the mother of Niamh Garvey and grandmother to Kevin, Cathy and Mary Garvey. She is portrayed by Pauline Cadell.

Biography Edit

Background Edit

Delores was married to Sean Patrick; it is unclear if she knew that he had raped and impregnated their daughter, Niamh, though it is possible she suspected it and was in denial. When her granddaughter Cathy fell pregnant (due to being raped by Sean) Delores' son-in-law Daniel was suspected of being the culprit. When Niamh refused to leave him, Delores' grandchildren were taken into care. Delores and Sean tried unsuccessfully to have the children come live with them, with Delores apparently being unaware that her own husband was responsible.

Protection Edit

Delores welcomes her grandson Kevin when he comes to live with them, after turning sixteen. Delores begins to cry when Sean and Kevin bring up the topic of Kevin as then unknown father, stating "he caused her so much pain". After Daniel is murdered and Kevin tells Niamh that Cathy confessed to him that Sean was the one who raped her, Niamh meets with Delores and asks her if she knew what Sean had done. Delores says nothing, apparently in shock. Later, Delores lures her husband to his butcher's store by throwing a rock through his front window and setting off the alarm. Delores uses a pig's heart to write the word 'RAPIST' on the wall, which is seen by Sean when he investigates. Delores sneaks up behind Sean and stabs him in the back of the head with a meat hook, killing him. She then returns home and simply sits at her dining table, until DI Rory Drennan, Nikki Alexander and Jack Hodgson arrive, looking for Kevin - whom they believe was Sean's killer. After seeing blood on the walls and floor, they enter the house and find Delores, covered in her husband's blood. Delores is taken for questioning; she openly admits that she killed Sean for raping her daughter and granddaughter. She blames herself for failing to protect them. Jack also points out that Delores made no attempt to conceal her crime, stating she probably wanted to be caught. Delores is presumably incarcerated for murder.

Victims Edit

  • Sean Patrick (stabbed in the back of the head with a meat hook)